About Me

Welcome to Sweet Sherry Pie. I’m so happy you’re here!  

Some of my earliest memories in life are baking.

At 6, my mother would gather my siblings around our kitchen table. Making cheesecake was a weekly routine. We’d take cream cheese and sugar, and Mom would show us how to beat it until light in fluffy. We would all beg for the chance to fold in clouds of fluffy whipped cream, and then smother the top with strawberries in syrupy strawberries. This is still a favorite recipe at Sweet Sherry Pie!

Later, At 8, my sister, Kelly, and I would make “sugar cookies”. Tons of sugar mixed with eggs and flour. A mess of goopy that wouldn’t bake into anything edible. We made tons of messes, but made so many memories while doing so.

Currently, at 27, I’ve worked my way from restaurants to high end hotels and country clubs. Now, I’m blessed to be the Executive Chef of a small bakery in Chicago.

Now, my mother has passed, but the memories of baking with her have not. My siblings have made me the worlds most devoted aunt. I teach my nieces and nephews to bake as we did. Together, we fight over spoons and bowls to lick, make messes, and make memories.My niece Peyton is Sweet Sherry Pie’s biggest fan.

Sweet Sherry Pie was born out of a desire to continue to make those own memories in my life, but also to spread that joy to all of my readers. I am so glad that you are here, and I can’t wait to serve you. Please take the opportunity to use these recipes to grow in your memories.

Sweet Sherry Pie will bring you joy, food, and faith. Thank you for taking this incredible walk with me. I can’t wait to see where we go along the way.

Sherry Reuter, Sweet Sherry Pie.