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December 20, 2020

Hi, I'm Sherry
Hi there! Welcome to Sweet Sherry Pie. A blog, a and recipe guide that I hope will feed your soul.
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I want to give you a proper introduction to Sweet Sherry Pie. Something a little more in-depth than my About Me page. This is a place where you will find a collection of recipes that come from my heart. I hope they inspire you, and feed your soul.

I have dreamed of being a Chef since I was a child. Forever obsessed with The Food Network and Rachel Ray. I truly live for food, and food photography. Sweet Sherry Pie was born out of a desire to combine these two passions.

I’ve worked my way through the ranks of being a pastry chef in Chicago. From upscale restaurants, to small bakeries, and everything in-between. I love my job, and I hope to have my own bakery someday. However, the food industry can be an unrelenting place. The hours are long, the pay and benefits can be just okay. Sweet Sherry Pie helps me to find solace. To remind me what I love, and to grow into something that can bring the joy that I find in food to you in your homes.

What’s Next?

My priorities are to grow this into something meaningful. Something that I can use to serve God, my family, and all of you who are reading this. But what’s next? I’d love to have a brick and mortar bakery someday, and a few cookbooks too. I’m open to any and all possibilities for Sweet Sherry Pie. What I do know, is that I plan to build a life from this, and this website is just the first step.

Thank You

Thank you to anyone taking this walk with me. I appreciate every page view, every comment, and everyone that supports me along the way. I hope that I can serve you, and that these recipes help you to serve others.

Remember, never let what someone else brings to the table be the only thing you have to eat.

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I'm Sherry and I'm so happy you're here. I hope you find something that feeds your soul.

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